Twitter Accounts I Follow all Prove to be Diverse but Important

[Written Thursday, September 19th, 2013]

For my Understand Multimedia Journalism class, we had a small class assignment that required us to choose 5 Twitter accounts we follow and explain why. I found I follow accounts that are quite different from each other and I follow them for very different reasons. Take a look at what I found.


My handle:  @BaileyParnell

I, like many other Twitter users, follow a wide variety of accounts. I love that I can get all types of posts in one quick, easily accessible feed. The five accounts I chose to write about are accounts that I follow for very different reasons.

Who I follow:

1.     The Toronto Star – @TorontoStar

The Toronto Star is probably the first newspaper I pick up when I have the option. I prefer the smarter, left leaning coverage of stories to something like the Toronto Sun. I value being up to date on news and current events. I had already trusted and respected The Toronto Star, so when they developed their online extension, I was naturally there to follow along. I originally started following The Toronto Star on Twitter so that I could see the updates quickly and in short snippets.  I like that I can extend the story to a link if I choose to, or I can just move on. Here is an example tweet from the Toronto Star where they post a short headline of something I find relevant to me. I want to know what these jobs are and if they relate to me. This would be one link I click on to read further.


2.     Hamza Khan – @HamzaK

Hamza Khan is a Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. He is the Digital Community Facilitator at Ryerson and co-owns a company called @SplashEffect that “helps higher education brands create connections and enhance communication.“ He is an online marketing guru and also happens to be my boss at two jobs. Hamza is very ambitious and I like surrounding myself with those types of people. His tweets are really an extension of his personal self and personal brand. He posts a lot of motivational, self-advancing or digitally related links. Most of his posts relate to me in some way and I feel very ambitious after reading a good link. Here is an example of a tweet where he posts an infographic of what and how often employers – him being one of them – check your online profiles before hiring you. I am very involved online and a student who is always looking for a new job. I would definitely click on this link.

23.     Women’s Humor – @WomensHumor

Women’s Humour is an account that posts comedic tweets about things that in some way relate to most women. I follow this account for very different reasons then the past two I have mentioned. Sometimes I go on twitter to simply be entertained. I do not want to think or analyse anything. I just want a quick laugh. I often find myself saying, “That’s so true!” after reading a Women’s Humor tweet, which is why I continue to follow them. Here is an example of a tweet where they refer to, what is for me, a relatable experience at Starbucks – people who take too long at the condiment counter. Hilarious.

34.     Ben Kaplan – @SwitchUpBen

Ben Kaplan is one of my best friends who also happens to work in comedic television. He is in my program and we share the same group of friends. I follow this type of account for a very different reason as well. Ben is a main part of my social circle and I want to remain up-to-date on what is happening in his life. I like seeing what my friends are up to and this is why I follow them. I believe these types of account are more personal to the user. Here is an example of a tweet where he tweets something he is doing in real-time and links an Instagram picture. It is funny because he throws in the fact that he is a “Jew” and I can relate because I know that he is with his little sister. It’s a very simple reason: He’s my friend.



5.     Adrienne Arsenault – @adriearsenault

Adrienne Arsenault is a foreign news reporter for CBC News. This is her professional account where she tweets both news updates of her own stories and news she’s interested in. She also posts personal career-related updates. I follow Adrienne because I too want to get into foreign news reporting. I originally wanted to follow her to get a feel for how a professional in my desired field conducts them self on twitter. I still look to see the type of stories she retweets or how often she posts. I noticed that she does not post very often, which makes me actually pay attention to her tweets when she does. This tweet below is an example tweet from her account. She retweeted @CBCKimTaylorG who was posting about an international story that she could add to. This led me to Kim Taylor’s account where I could read more on the story.  I look up to Adrienne Arsenault and that is why I follow her.


What type of accounts do you follow most? Let me know in the comments!


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